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Infographics shouldn't just be easily legible, they have to be able to explain comprehensibly.
Creating infographics is our passion. We are the graphics agency in Hamburg for infographics, icons, logos, illustrations, technical infographics, interactive infographics, scientific infographics, infographic texts and social media integration. Depending on requirements in 2D or 3D optics, for web, print or animated.
Our design makes our graphics shine. Readers can better grasp numbers as an image, so complex relationships in the sea of information become clearer when they are visually exciting.
We translate data into exciting stories.

Infographics, Icons, Logos, Illustrations

Wir erstellen Infografiken für namhafte Kunden wie ING, Random House und der Börsenverein des deutschen Buchhandels. Unsere Stärke ist die Visualisierung von verschiedenen Themen aus Wissenschaft, Finanzwelt, Medizin, Haushalt, Soziales, Gesundheit und Technik.

Infographics for web, print and social media

Infographics for web, print and social media We visualize your topics in a nutshell and address your target group. We create suitable infographics for every application, meaningful and explanatory.

Infografik Hamburg

"Design should give a voice to the product, so to speak."

Dieter Rams
Infografik Hamburg is the design agency for infographics and editorial content that works in the network. It consists of the freelancers Sabine Timmann, Infographic and Julia Zander, Video Production. Technical competence and a keen sense for trends and design, mixed with impressive
combined with eye-catching communication in all media. Storytelling through infographics, icons, animated films and Illustrations is our passion. Out of your data, we develop exciting and up to date infographics and illustrations that leave just the right impression.
Infographics Designer Sabine Timmann of Infografik Agentur in Hamburg

"The planet no longer needs successful people. The planet desperately needs healers, peacemakers, innovators, storytellers and lovers of all kinds." Dalai Lama

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"If you think you are too small to change anything, try going to sleep when a mosquito is in the room." Dalai Lama

Nice colored and cosy
Julia Zander, Video Production

"If you start everything with a smile, you will achieve most things." Dalai Lama

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Why choose us

We're Strategists

We think strategically and develop smart concepts that position your product highly visible and target audience adequate in all relevant media.

We're Emphatetic

We love to learn and are good listeners. The development of creative infographics is a cooperative process.
The result: magic!

We're creative

We perceive things in a creative way. Our world isn't black and white, but colorful. This is how we're able to find creative words and pictures for vivid infographics.

We're flying

We're able to view your project from many different perspectives. This enables us to find new and creative solutions. Our professionalism keeps us grounded.

We're landing punctual

We got an eye for details, work fast, and research thoroughly. Short lines of communication and quick decision making enables us to always keep the deadline.

We love our job

Our work is our passion. We don't take advantage of anyone to become cheaper or richer. Our work is fair with heart and brain. And in the end - If you're happy with our job, we're happy too.


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