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Client: wissenmedia

Online: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wissen_Media_Verlag

As a child, I often lay under the covers with a flashlight at night and secretly read the Brockhaus in a volume. From 2010 on I was overjoyed to be able to create infographics for the Brockhaus. These include the Brockhaus in one volume, the Kinderbrockhaus, the nutritional Brockhaus, the Horizonte series and an animated app. I also partially researched the infographics. Developing and implementing image ideas on the various topics was one of the most beautiful assignments
Unfortunately, the Brockhaus had to be stopped in 2014, because nothing was paid for knowledge anymore and you can find information on the Internet. I just heard a forecast on Deutschlandfunk that beautifully designed printed books will come back in 10 years. Then I hope that a child will read secretly it again at night.

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