Coding Copernicus Hackathon

DLR Berlin

Project Details

Client: DLR Berlin

Date: November 2019

Online: www.coding-copernicus.de

What is a hackathon? I wanted to find out, all the more exciting when it came to satellite data. So you meet for two days for coding and work through the night. I find infographics with data visualization very exciting, so head to Berlin for the German Aerospace Center. I was lucky enough to end up in a cool group with programmers who professionally evaluate satellite data.
So far I have been desperately looking for a route planner on which I can plan my bike or walk route through green terrain on my smartphone. We have come a step closer to this with a Berlin plan, and there is still a long way to go before it becomes reality. In any case, we put together a concept and won a prize. And I honestly slept in my Caddy during the core night time.

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